We invite you to partner with us as we grow, nourish, nurture, and sustain HOPE IN THE GOOD LIFE across southern Nebraska through these four crucial initiatives.

Our initiatives:


“When I come for food, I am always so happy when I can take home fresh produce for my family. It makes a big difference in my life to be able to eat healthy and have a good diet.” - CSS Food Market client

Planted in late spring 2023, the CSS Lincoln Community Garden will grow produce for our clients, provide a beautiful and beneficial "green space" in Lincoln's Telegraph District, and offer businesses, organizations, and families unique opportunities to collaborate with us. Fresh connections and nutritious care are the crops we're most excited to sow. We're eager for our clients and community to reap all of our garden's bounty.


"One particular young man who walked through our food market lives in a group home for adults who have disabilities. He comes every month for food. This last week he came with one of the caregivers who work at the home. He was so thankful for the ways we helped him that he drew us a picture of the cross with hearts, and on it, he wrote, 'Dear Food Bank People, God loves you!'" -Katie Patrick

Last fiscal year, our CSS Food Market & Meal Services distributed 141,924 pounds to 7,170 neighbors. We offer culturally affirming food and much more: our CSS team and volunteers nourish body and soul in every encounter. Because in our client-choice pantry, dignity is always on the menu.


"When I met the mom at the airport and welcomed the two little girls, you could tell how exhausted, overwhelmed, and scared they were. Wrapped in traditional clothing that hadn’t been washed in quite some time due to drought at the refugee camp, they were petite, with gaunt faces, large brown eyes, and in desperate need of medical attention. 

Adults, when they arrive, can mask and manage their emotions, and even health concerns much better than kids can. Having a welcoming, furnished home with a warm, culturally-appropriate meal waiting for them makes a world of difference. It’s the first, important step in helping new families rebuild. 

Similarly, when moms of any age, without a supportive network of family and friends, face an unexpected pregnancy, having a safe and secure home to welcome their baby is extremely important. It helps remove much of the anxiety that many expectant mothers in need go through." - "Help us furnish our transition maternity and refugee homes," Messages of Hope-Southern Nebraska Register (5/19/23)

Two of the most vulnerable groups we care for, expectant mothers and newly-arrived refugees, deserve safe harbor. Our Maternity & Refugee transition homes, recently purchased by CSS and currently being renovated, will nurture them by providing a safe, temporary shelter.


The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. - St. John Paul II

Our new Gift & Thrift Online Sales initiative is answering the call and leading the way in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to extend the lifecycle of donated items through regifting, reselling, or recycling. By using the resources given to us in the best way possible, we will be good stewards of all of the donations we receive from our generous supporters.

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It is the vision of Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska (CSS) to inspire hope and love in every encounter. Thank you for partnering with us as we grow, nourish, nurture, and sustain HOPE IN THE GOOD LIFE!

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