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St. Gertrude of Nivelles | The CSS community garden:
Looking for the "little way to serve"

by Veronica Pino
St. Gianna Program Manager 
Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska

One of our most recent endeavors at St. Gianna Women’s Home has been guiding three of our mothers as they seek to get their children baptized.

In many ways, it’s been an exciting experience, as we do what we can to help these families so that their little ones can enter the Catholic Church. What heartwarming moments we had as each mother approached one of our staff members expressing her desire to baptize her children. And what joy to think of seven children receiving the sacrament of Baptism!

by John McDonald
Hastings Regional Director, Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska

This time of year, I find myself dusting off my suits in preparation for various events, such as weddings, liturgies and banquets. This year is heavy on banquets and professional events, such as the upcoming Catholic Social Services Celebration of Hope banquet (April 25) and Give Hastings Day (April 2). Most recently, the Catholic Social Services team attended the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting in which Hastings CSS received the Business of the Year - Nonprofit Award.

Sandra’s face is the first one many of our clients see at CSS; She, in turn, sees the face of Christ in every neighbor who comes to us for help. As a point of first contact, CSS Lincoln Office Manager Sandra Svajdlenka greets our agency's clients, discerns their needs, and connects them with resources. And, in one very blessed instance, she became a Godmother, too. In this podcast, Sandra shares several powerful stories of the hope she brings to people, the hope she gets in return from those she serves, and how we can work together to inspire hope and love in every encounter.

Southern Nebraska Register, CSS

At the Hastings Chamber of Commerce annual meeting, Hastings Catholic Social Services (Hastings CSS) was named the Business of the Year in the Non-Profit category.

The award honors a nonprofit organization that has shown exemplary achievement in Hastings and the surrounding area in the recent years. CSS was among just over a half-dozen businesses and individual award winners at the meeting attended by more than 300 community members.

By Marilu Cazares
Family Support Services Program Manager,
Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska

Are you the type of person who considers giving up your favorite food for Lent every year? If so, you are not alone. I have done that many times. However, Lent is coming, and I have been thinking about what I can do differently this year because I am so grateful for all the blessings that God has given me and my family. What can I do to please our Lord in a different way this year? 

Veronica Barreto of KLKN Channel 8 News connected with CSS Refugee Resettlement Manager Poe Dee to discuss the anticipated increased influx of refugees in 2024 and how viewers can help welcome them to our community.

People shopped in a big room in Lincoln’s Catholic Social Services building. The aisles of rice, yogurt and baby food are reminiscent of a grocery store. The food and supplies set up in this room and the one neighboring it are meant for refugees coming to Nebraska. Refugee Resettlement Director Poe stood in the room with the shoppers.
“I was a refugee myself and kind of know the process about like, resettlement,” he said.

by Brad Brestel
Interim Manager, Immigration Legal Services
Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska

I have lived my entire life in Lincoln. I went to public schools, the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska Law School, all in Lincoln. I was baptized in a Methodist church when I was born, and I was baptized again at First Baptist Church when my family attended there.

I grew up surrounded by friends from the Baptist church. We all studied the Bible and learned lots of information about our Christian faith. I am thankful for the mountain of Bible knowledge the Baptist culture afforded me.

Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska (CSS, invites you to an evening of fellowship and Hope in the Good Life!

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