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What You Can Do

Volunteer Opportunities

Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska offers many opportunities for individuals, families, and parish communities to serve those in need. Volunteers feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty through our CSS Food Market & Meal Services. Volunteers shelter the homeless by helping our St. Gianna Program familiesVolunteers welcome the stranger by assisting with our Refugee Resettlement Services and Immigration Legal Services. Volunteers clothe the naked by assisting at our CSS Gift & Thrift Stores. Volunteers sustain Hope in the Good Life by helping with our Online Sales Initiative. All 4 CSS regional sites offer an opportunity to serve others and join in our work. Ultimately, we are about service to one another: the disabled, the aged, the newcomer, and the poor among us.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

This is just a few of the many opportunities we have waiting for you.

  • Do you have the gift of hospitality? Does providing someone a meal warm your heart? If so, then our Breakfast & Lunch Host/Hostess position could be a great fit for you! As a host/hostess, you would be greeting our clients while passing out breakfast burritos or sack lunches, in addition to some light housekeeping at the end of the shift. Our goal is for our clients to feel welcomed into a calm and inviting space to either grab their food and go or sit and enjoy the meal. We want to honor their God given human dignity by truly encountering them, rather than just handing them food and sending them on their way. So if you have a warm and welcoming personality, please consider scrolling down and filling out the Lincoln application!

  • Do you have an eye for detail that can spot even the last speck of dust? Do you feel proud when you’ve cleaned and polished something until it shined? Then you might be a fantastic Inventory Prep Specialist at our Thrift Store! At St. Louise Gift & Thrift, we receive a gargantuan number of donated items. Some of them just need a little love and TLC before they can be put out on the sales floor. As an Inventory Prep Specialist, you’d be dusting, wiping down, polishing, and cleaning up items so they look their best for Thrift Store customers. Available shifts are anytime Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings between 9am-12pm. If you’re looking to get your clean freak on for a good cause, scroll down to the Lincoln application and apply!

  • Do you have a knack for spotting diamonds in the rough? Do you have an eye for high-quality items? Then you would enjoy volunteering as an Inventory Quality Specialist! As part of our sustainability efforts, we launched our Online Gift & Thrift Store on Facebook Marketplace in April, and we will also be operating on eBay soon. We’ve been sorting through donated items searching for high-end or brand-name items that can be sold online rather than given away or recycled. The proceeds of those sales can then be used to pay rent or utilities, purchase food, or more for our clients. With the sheer volume of donations we received, this can be quite the task! We are looking for 1-2 volunteers for Monday mornings from 10am-12pm. You would be sorting through clothing, purses, shoes, etc., searching for those “hidden gems” for our online store. We have a brand guide that lists items and brands to search for. If you or someone you know is interested, scroll down to the Lincoln application and apply!

  • Are you a fashion fanatic who loves working with clothes? Are you a whiz with a clothing steamer? Then you might enjoy being a Clothing Merchandiser at our Thrift Store. In this position, you would be responsible for pricing and hanging clothing that will go out onto the sales floor. In addition, you may need to occasionally steam an article of clothing so that it’s ready to wear for its owner. We are looking for someone to volunteer in this position for 6 hours per week through the summer. Available shift times are M-F, 9 am-5 pm & Sat., 10 am-1 pm. If you’re a clothing enthusiast who's handy with a pricing gun and you’re interested in using your talents for good, scroll down to the Lincoln application and apply!

  • Do you enjoy sorting items? Do you have excellent interpersonal skills? Do you enjoy spending time outside? Then you would be a great fit as a Thrift Store Intake Processor! You would be working outside at the back of the Thrift Store, assisting donors with their donations and unloading their vehicles. Once donations are dropped off, you would sort the donated items into different categorized totes for further processing. The available shift times for this position are anytime M-F, 9 am-5 pm & Sat, 10 am-1 pm. If you’re looking to get some sun and fresh air while putting your communication and sorting skills to good use, scroll down to the Lincoln application and apply!

  • Do you have an eye for detail to display items in a visually appealing way? Then you might enjoy volunteering as a Store Merchandiser! Our store merchandisers are responsible for cleaning, pricing, and displaying the various items we sell. The best part? You have a say in what items you work with! Do you love tea cups? Awesome! You could be a Store Merchandiser specifically for tea cups. Do you enjoy working with children’s toys? Perfect! Then you could be a Store Merchandiser for our toy section. The available shift times for this position are anytime M-F, 9 am-5 pm & Sat, 10 am-1 pm. If you’re seeking an opportunity to use your keen eye for detail to be a force for good, scroll down to the Lincoln application and apply!

To volunteer based on region, please follow the directions for your CSS office location.

Lincoln Region

Serving Butler, Cass, Gage, Jefferson, Lancaster, Polk, Saline, Saunders, Seward, Thayer, and York counties

Please click here and complete the Lincoln online application form.

Hastings Region

Serving Adams, Clay, Dawson, Fillmore, Franklin, Furnas, Gosper, Hall, Hamilton, Harlan, Kearney, Nuckolls, Phelps, and Webster Counties

Please click here and complete the Hastings online application form.

Auburn Region

Serving Johnson, Nemaha, Otoe, Pawnee, & Richardson counties

Please click here and complete the Auburn online application form.

Imperial Region

Serving Chase, Dundy, Frontier, Hays, Hitchcock, Lincoln, Perkins, and Red Willow counties

Please click here and complete the Imperial online application form.

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